Do you have a hire minimum?

In order to provide good value to all of our clients, we have a minimum hire policy of £100 for local deliveries. For deliveries over 60 minutes away, price to be arranged. The minimum hire policy of £100 excludes delivery charges over 40 miles, set up and installations.


I am after some small items (ie candlesticks) but I don’t need anything else. Can I hire these and get them posted?


Although we have a large inventory of smaller items, these items are only available as a part of a larger order and must meet the minimum hire amount. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to post any items, self collection may be possible depending on the items in question. Contact us to enquire.



Can I collect from your Store?


Self collection is limited, we don’t allow self collections on most stock due to a number of reasons. You wouldn’t think it but transporting furniture and breakables is a skill of its own and we don’t expect you to know how to - from securely strapping in chairs to safely loading in sofas - but we can’t take the risk of either you or the furniture getting hurt. We also don’t have a manned warehouse, so all of our crew are mainly out on events and timing your collection/drop off can be quite tricky with busy anti-social event hours. Last but not least, just prepping everything for you ready to collect and cleaning it and packing away after you are done can take precioustime we are so short on some days and the delivery charge accounts for this aspect



How Deliveries Work


We understand that it’s very important everything is delivered to you promptly and hassle-free as organisingan event is often quite stressful in itself. That is why you will be asked to fill out our booking form before your final invoice is sent to you. Our driver will receive your booking form and will act based on the information provided, so please do fill this out to the best of your knowledge and as best as you can.


As standard one crew member will be attending per hire if no set up is requested and the access is easy.

If you are planning on providing people on your side to help unload or set up items, please let us know.


Please be aware that if it is unsafe or not possible for us to make a delivery/collection due to not having adequate information provided in advance we may have to simply leave the items in the most convenient location and their safety will be your responsibility.



No Set-Up / Easy Access


This is a default option and is offered free of charge as partof the delivery. Our driver will carefully unload all the items into the desired area and leave them carefully stacked/grouped ready to be set up. We do ask that your desired unloading area is on one continuous level from the vehicle and isn’t further than 20m away from where the vehicle can park. This can, for example,be a loading bay, a specific area in the marquee, an entrance of a barn, a room inside a venue, a garage or a church. See below for trickier access



Difficult Access


Stairs- if there are more than 3-5 steps we might not be able to use trolleys and items will need to be carried in by hand which may be lengthy, difficult and even unsafe if the driver is alone. Please ensure we are aware of exactly where the items need to go so we can make sure we are prepared and are able to make the delivery quickly, safely and efficiently.


Elevators- if the items need to be loaded into an elevator extra time will be required to make the delivery. As a general rule, we will only be able to work with service elevators as these are often large enough, secure and won’t try and close every 8 seconds while asking to “mind the doors”.


Height & Width Restrictions - if there are width or height restrictions of less than 2m we need to have these measurements in advance as some of our items are large and may not fit through.


Heavy Items - some of our items are heavy. It is essential that two crew members are attending the delivery to make sure everything is done safely and efficiently. These items may also have restrictions on where they can and cannot go, such as up the stairs or on soft ground.


Time Sensitive Deliveries - if you have a very tight window and a large order and you need everything delivered or collected within a particular time frame, you may benefit from having several crew members on site. We ask that we are given at least 90 minutes on-siteto unload depending on the size of the hire as delays do happen.


Setting Up


If you would like your items brought in and set up we would be more than happy to assist and make sure everything is set and ready to go for your event. If you are hiring tables and/or lounge furniture, we will lay these out in the room based on yourinstructions but ideally, we would need a to-scale floorplan we can work with to make sure there is no confusion. We know that every event is different so simply let us know what you need us to do.


Out of Hours Deliveries / Collections


If you require a delivery or collection made between 10 pmand 6 aman extra charge will be added. It is important to understand that our crew needsto account for the logistics of driving to/from you and to/from the warehouse, loading/unloading and then making the journey home.



How do payments work?


Once you are sure you would like to go ahead we will email you an invoice with the first 50% of the total order due. This amount is non-refundable and we cannot reserve any dates or items until this is paid to make sure we function efficiently and fairly. Once the 50% pre-payment has been received there is nothing else to pay until 4 weeks before your event. Around this time we will send you a booking form tofinalisethe logistics and follow up with a final invoice featuring the remaining amount due.


Please note that a quote, no matter how recent, is not a confirmation of an order.


If your order has changed from the first time you got in touch the final amount will be rebalanced either up or down depending on how the final value has changed. Please note that your order can’t go below our hire minimum.



I made a booking and pre-paid the 50% towards my order securing my date but my numbers or the items I have wanted have changed. What do I do?


The payment you’ve made is non-refundable as we have secured your date, however, the second installmentis completely flexible and we understand that things change. We will generally get in touch around a month before your event double checking if there are any changes.


If your numbers have gone up, please let us know as soon you can so we can adjust your booking. We would always recommend booking the maximum amount to be safe and then going down if needed instead of trying to figure out where to find a chair for the unexpectedly added guests later on. Accommodating extra items will depend on their availability and while we will always try and help we can’t promise that what you need will be in stock. If we can’t accommodate extra items we will always try and propose alternative solutions and help you re-work the plan, but won’t be able to refund the original 50% payment made.


If your numbers have gone down, please let us know about this no later than 4 weeks before your event so we can rebalance the final invoice. In this case, your final installmentwill be less than your original payment but both will need to amount to our hire minimum. Please note that once you have decreased your numbers/items at any stage, we cannot guarantee these will be available again.


If you changed your mind about the items you are wanting to hire, wecan change your booking if the new items are available and in stock. In this case, the total value will be recalculated and your original payment deducted from the final invoice amount. Please note that we can’t guarantee that the new items you are after will be in stock and once you say no to your original booking we can’t promise that these items will be available again.



Will Ihave to pay a safety deposit?


In most cases, we ask that a safety deposit is left with us. The amount is 35% of the total balance. This is generally refunded to you within 48 hours of the items being checked and simply ensures that there are no damages or losses. 


Unfortunately, sometimes things get left behind at events, damaged or lost. Once we realisesomething has been damaged or is missing we will get in touch and see if it can be found, fixed or cleaned. In the unlikely event that we can’t find, fix or clean the item a full replacement cost will be invoiced.


For spillages, dry cleaning cost for soft furniture is £80/item. 


This excludes seat pads as the cost of dry cleaning is included in the hire price, however, a replacement charge may still apply if the pads are returned physically damaged.


For custom repairs, the charge is decided on a case by case basis depending on what work is needed.

Some items got damaged or are missing. What do we do now?